A poet’s inclination,
I open my heart up so much
it sometimes takes in whole galaxies,
I swallowed three moons before it was noon
inside me they are orbiting a new sun,
there are no secrets,
nothing is too much for words,
there is a poem in this moment,
I can feel it, can’t you?

There is not a mountaintop that does not hold my name,
I am covered in sand, scratched into earth.
There is not a sky I have not breathed
and gathered in and pushed away
and flown into with colors gripped in my teeth,
this expanse lives inside
yet I am easily lost in my own circles.
There is not a sound
that I have not rocked against my naked chest,
told that it was mine to hold
until death becomes life again,
told that I would give it another sound to marry
under my tongue and they would dance and dance.
Sounds are a world of their own, you know?

I want to love every woman I meet,
tell her she is the muse who frequents my dreams,
and it is her face that makes me believe
there is such a thing as sunrise,
but I just put all of that wanting into these poems,
these countless lines that define existence from my point of sky,
through the eye of a beholder that beholds her with rhymes,
I write these hyperboles,
pour out these lines into an abyss of white
and give them my last name,
marry me,
it is natural to want permanence
when everything changes,
when there is nothing to pin down
except the hopes that there will be no more pins.
I have broken every mold
I have thought to put myself in,
hand, cage, border, page.

Everyday, I am born again.
Today, I am an infant and tomorrow still.
If my hands become sponges, I can soak it all in
and remember to forget it all when I go to sleep,
remember to pronounce every star
before counting all the sheep,
let me have it,
let me take this to the apex of someone’s burning question,
become water for me, world,
fill me with the absence of you becoming desert,
make me an ocean of your movement
and I will become the tide at dusk and the tide at dawn,
there is never too much rising, I say.

There is never too much rising.