Gerry Mandel has successfully written in all forms of the craft: a novel published in 2010, several short stories and non-fiction pieces in literary magazines, plays produced by St. Louis area theater companies, an award-winning documentary which he wrote and directed, and a “ghosted” autobiography.  Gerry worked in advertising for many years as a writer/producer/creative director.

Journal of a Long-Distance Rider

FIRST NIGHT - OCT. 4 Long flight from New York after delayed departure from JFK. Thunderstorms. Landed following morning in London, late, just barely made connection to Budapest.  Two hour bus ride to this town. Bekescsaba.  I can’t even say it. Hotel looks like a dump from outside, surprisingly clean inside. Place seems full. Wonder how many of them in the[...]

The Ancient Chronicle of the Perfect Dog

The following document was recently uncovered in the area between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, near what was known as Persia. Several respected archeological and biblical scholars have verified its authenticity. Little is known about the chronicler, Herman the Agagite. “Dog,” said God. At first I assume he is just making an anagram from his name, a b[...]