Gervasio Arrancado was born in a small shack in Mexico and raised in the orphanage at Agua Idelfonso, several kilometers, give or take a few, from the fictional fishing village of Agua Rocosa. He is fortunate to have made the acquaintance of Augustus McCrae, Hub and Garth McCann, El Mariachi, Forest Gump, The Bride, Agents J and K, and other notables. To this day he lives at that place on the horizon where reality just folds into imagination. To see more of Gervasio’s work and an interview, please visit his website.

The Dawn of Rigoberto

The men had just struggled ashore from their boats and were looking forward to joining their women and children in their homes, from which soft lights were beginning to emanate as the sun gave up the day. As a few were busily stowing what must be stowed, most were emptying the hold of the day’s catch, creating a new reality for the fish they’d caught, who we[...]

The Rabbit and the Priest

I had gathered my three grandchildren on the porch for story time. Rodrigo, the seven year old, said, “Grandpa, can you tell the story of the priest and the rabbit? It’s my favorite and I don’t remember it all.” Carmen, who just turned eleven and didn’t visit as often as Rodrigo, said, “I’m not sure I remember that one at all, Grandfather. Anyway, this wo[...]