There is a stitch; golden threads dance through the fabric.
Loops and knots closing so many open wounds.
Much of the healing is done elsewhere, not just there.

There is a snitch; one who betrays your darkest secret.
Despite all your precautions and security
The imprisoned soul finds a way out of there.

There is a twitch; the smallest of impairments,
In the eye, in the little finger. Cyphers that
The demise of the ego has begun there.

There is a switch; a shift, when you no longer use
The world’s tragedies to prove you’re right. You embrace
Compassion and love your enemy. Are you there?

There is a glitch; code hacked long ago, bits and bytes,
Copied and pirated. On to the reboot, restore,
Upgrade and patch. The work never seems done there.

There is a witch; beautiful in her obscure
Obsessions. She once told you J.K.: “The future
Is a strange and wonderful place.” We will meet you there.