How do you craft the light
of a lotus petal on fire in space?
How can you measure that much brightness,
with earthly eyes and human fingers?

What does a group of Souls, alive and soaring,
reflect in the Heavenly Spheres?

A rainbow?
A nebula?
A supernova, glimmering and
glinting in the inhalations and exhalations
of the Source of ALL things?

There are stars in your hand.
There are stars in mine.
Let’s point them to the edge of infinity
and leave them there,
strewn into a constellation of hope rising
on the horizon of humanity’s awakening.

This moment is a wakened dream
where there are no more questions like,
“Can I?”
“Will I?”
“Am I?”

There is no more circling endless doubt and muffled fear,
only, “Yes, I can.”
“Yes, I will.”