T.W. Fendley is an award-winning author of historical fantasy and science fiction for adults and young adults. She began writing fiction full-time in 2007 after working twenty-five years in journalism and corporate communications. In October 2011, L&L Dreamspell LLC published her debut historical fantasy novel for adults, Zero Time. Her young adult contemporary fantasy novel, The Labyrinth of Time, will be released in November 2014. Her short stories are available on Kindle and Audible.

T.W. fell in love with ancient American cultures while researching story ideas at the 1997 Clarion Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers’ Workshop. Since then, she’s trekked to archeological sites in the Yucatan, Peru and American Southwest.

She serves on the board of the St. Louis Writers Guild, and belongs to the Missouri Writers’ Guild, Broad Universe, and Historical Novel Society. She also practices remote viewing with the Applied Precognition Project and studies shamanism. T.W. currently lives near St. Louis with her artist husband and his pet fish.

You can find her online at:


Inca Folktale

This story is excerpted from T.W. Fendley's historical fantasy novel, Zero Time, and is based, in part, on an Inca folktale. To play the prank on Seven Hunahpu, Pax and the others manipulated the rate at which the stones of the gateway vibrated. To pass through, a person’s energy had to match that of the stones. Seven Hunahpu called the younger children for[...]

The Fourth Treatment

“Remember how your growing bones ached?”          I tried to remember but maybe I was just too distracted.  I’m a visual person and it was taking a lot of effort to keep from staring rudely at Jorge’s leathery, wrinkled face. Tufts of coarse brown hair jutted over his dark eyes, which were almost hidden in the cavernous space beneath his bulging eyebrow rid[...]