by Katherine Kurtz

The Adept Series

adept series

The Adept

When a wizard’s sword is stolen from a museum in present-day Scotland, FBI psychiatrist Sir Adam Sinclair is sure that the crime represents something serious. Through a mutual acquaintance, he meets and befriends Peregrine Lovat, a troubled painter who is able to “see” the past and future lives of his subjects. Sir Adam himself is the latest incarnation of the Adept, a spiritual force that battles evil, and he and Peregrine make a perfect team as they set out to discover who stole the sword –and why a 12th-century grave has been unearthed, freeing the revived corpse of Scotland’s most noted magician, who then pk wanders into a barpage 127 in the dead of night. The sleuths determine that an evil cult seeks the magician’s spell-book and hidden gold. Peregrine draws what he “sees,” whether it’s the location of the sword or the cult gathered at the graveside. Sir Adam’s own mystical powers bring him close to the cult, but closer to mortal and spiritual danger. This is a fast-moving and suspenseful tale by an unusually adroit duo, and the open ending promises more in the future.

The Lodge of the Lynx

Psychiatrist Adam Sinclair, also known as the Adept, leads his loyal Huntsmen against the Lodge of the Lynx–an unholy sect in possession of an ancient Druidic artifact endowed with unimaginable power.

The Templar Treasure

Adam Sinclair, the Adept, must locate the stolen Seal of Solomon-an artifact under the care of the Knights Templar-before dangerous forces unleash the demons the seal has kept bound for centuries.

Dagger Magic

Adam Sinclair, the Adept, faces mankind’s most dire threat–a cult older than Christianity, with the power to resurrect a new, demonic Third Reich.

Death of an Adept

Sir Adam Sinclair, the mystic historian known as the Adept, has emerged victorious from his encounters against the forces of darkness. But now he faces the most unthinkable crime imaginable against his kind: murder.