Autumn falls in resplendent flushes, summoning
Acorns to earth. Oak’s Love offers bounty for the
Journey; the seed hears the Mother calling: come home.

Moonlight kisses earth and circle, spilling across
The grove; the women turn, sway in an ancient spiral,
Each step pulsing with the Mother’s Love: come home.

Beneath the solstice sky, day and night dance as equals,
Share their blessing in equal bounty with the
Earth. In twilight they kiss, sing their refrain: come home.

Waves softly wash from shore, tossing pebbles in the
Sand; the endless churning transforms the world,
Summoning all to the journey. The tide beckons: come home.

Golden leaves softly blanket the earth as twilight
Heralds summer’s end; shadows fall on fields now bare;
Sighing, the Goddess whispers on the wind: come home.

The light of the bonfire dances in the grove;
Drawing my cloak, I settle in for the night. Now,
Live the calling, Chiya — Tend the fire: come home.