It is cold in the grove. Winter’s ice now melted
Reveals loamy, dark, fertile earth. Deep within, Her
Belly swollen, I know the Goddess is breathing.

Firelight dances, revealing faces to the
Night. Eyes closed we turn inward, ride breath and Spirit
To the light. We seek to feel the Goddess breathing.

Spirit and Matter, two halves pulsing, creating
As one. My exhale, Her inhale. Her exhale, my
Inhale. As one, the Goddess and I are breathing.

Overhead the Moon is waning, closing Her eye
To rest, to dream. Sinking deeper, She draws Her
Blanket, freeing the tide. This is the Goddess breathing.

Stars dance in a sea of darkness, reminding me
To shine. Can they see my light, a star brilliant in
Their night? Which one of us is the Goddess breathing?

Blue light streaks the eastern horizon; the morning
Star winks, heralding rebirth. Deep within, seeds are
Sprouting… Chiya, we are all the Goddess breathing.