To untether myself from this realm
first I must close my eyes
unsee what reality has taught me to perceive
swallow suns
from other star systems
swirling in infinity.

I must know that sanity
is nothing more than one
interpretation of a dream.
Grass blades contain gods.
Streams are more than just H2O.
Miracles are commonplace.
Every day, bugs walk on water.

We cannot bear to see the colors
so we strap black and white filters
on the lenses
and pretend we know
what we are.

To be a speaker for the stars
one must cut off ears
gouge out eyes.
One must be willing to break under stones
thrown by unknown quantities
who fear being bigger
than the edges
of their skins.

Love the trembling ones.
Let your paintbrush lick the edges of the night.
Draw yourself without blinking.
Kiss the pencil lead
when it dares to sketch
the lonely in your eyes.

Little ones who do not see
how big you are
know this:
you are loved beyond measure.
You dream are abandoned,
but soon you will wake up
rocked in the palm of God.

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