Wolf Schimanski is a man of many interests and talents. He has trained in martial arts, enjoys a variety of sports and is an accomplished guitarist and musician. Professionally Schimanski worked many years in the information technology, management and financial planning industries.

An avid reader turned breakthrough author, Schimanski brings his own unique spin to the action/thriller genre and thus far has released two exceptionally gripping, fast-paced works of fiction—Meter of Deception and Meter of Corruption.

Schimanski lives with his wife Terri and divides his time between their lakeside home in Mount Forest, Ontario, in the summer and their winter residence in London Ontario, Canada. He is currently working on his third novel, the final installment in the Meter trilogy.

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The Cat Who Knew Too Much

I am a cat. But not just any cat. A cat who knew too much, way too much. Why is that, you ask? Glad you did, as it’s too complicated to answer with a simple one-liner. Call me Boris; I was born as part of a litter of five. I am a bonafide Persian with a little bit of Heinz 57 thrown in for good measure. My daddy was a preacher and my momma was an alley ca[...]